Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Your Light Beer Makes Your Fat

Beer bellies get their name for a reason. A lot of people have the misconception that switching to a "Light" beer a way to manage their weight and skip on the heavy carb beverage. While yes, switching to a "Light" beer will aide in some weight loss by cutting the carbs and calories, that "Light" beer still contains alcohol. Alcohol impares your body from losing fat. Without a full blown chemistry lesson, beer, once broken down in your body creates waste products known as Acetate and Acetaldehyde. Both the Acetate and Acetaldehyde signal for your body to STOP burning fat. At the same time, your body starts making fat from another waste product of alcohol called acetyl CoA. In short, alcohol stops the fat burning, and on top of that, builds more fat that the body can't burn. This same process happens when you drink any type of alcohol. Whiskey, gin, vodka, and wine included all inhibit the fat burning process. In short, if you're starting a diet or have been on a diet where you have seemingly "hit a the wall", try holding off on the adult beverages.  Set a goal to go without the stuff for 4 weeks. In no time, you will see that beer belly  start to shrink. And it's not like you you're never going to drink again, it's just 4 weeks. But then it's up to you to make better choices, or to buy bigger pants. 

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