• I wanted to create this page to inform you of some of my policies and blog disclosures. 

  • Privacy policy

  • Your privacy is important to me. Your information will not be shared in any form or manner that I can control. I do not sell any of your emails or information that I come across. 

  • Copyright and Trademark notices

  • At times I will post things that are copyrighted or trademarked (C) or TM by myself or by someone other than myself. I do not own those nor am I looking to prosper off of them. I will acknowledge those owners to the best of my ability. 

  • Terms and conditions of use

  • Feel free to use any of the information on my site for your personal use. If it's for your website just acknowledge my site or the proper author.
  • If it's an image you would like to use for personal or for commercial use, I respectively ask that you contact me so that we can work out some terms of use. Normally its free or pretty darn cheap. 

  • Disclaimers

  • Some links that I provide to products I get no compensation from. Some products I provide links to I get a small kickback/payment from (if goods are purchased) because I am an affiliate with them. 
  • Rest assured that I am not "pushing" any product that I don't own or stand behind. I try to be very frugal and research things diligently even before I purchase. I encourage you to do the same. If I do suggest or link to something, I try to find the lowest price and/or offer discount codes if they are provided to me to pass along to you. 
  • I use Sellfy to sell my digital goods. 
  • I use MediaFire to offer FREE downloads to digital goods.
  • I use Paypal for transactions. 
  • I use Zazzle to sell merchandise (clothes, prints, mugs, etc.)
  • If I post/share something that isn't mine, I will post the approprate credits to the best of my knowledge/ability. 
  • To my knowledge.. which isn't much. I don't use cookies or whatever to track what you're doing or looking at. Google might have that built in, but as far as I know, I just have a counter to count page / post views. 

  • Abuse or complaints contact information

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