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Insanity Workout / Review UPDATED 8/21/12

Insanity Workout
Almost burned out on my current workout routine, I was looking for a change up.  I stumbled across this program while thumbing through the channels one day. I'm always hesitant about some of these infomercial workout videos but this one caught my attention. After contemplating and researching for a month (like I do before I buy anything), I decided to pull the trigger. I'm in decent shape.  How Insane can it be?

I received my Insanity DVD set late Wednesday night... late being 9:08PM (UPS working hard!). I decided to go ahead and crank it up since the first workout was the fit test. Basically, a base line test to see how in shape you are, and to have a comparison for later. BUT... before the test, there is a warm up... Apparently, my "in shape", is face down in a pool of my own sweat. This thing kick my a$$. This, as sick as it sounds, made me happy! I'm stoked to have a great new workout what challenges me to "Dig Deeper"!

I'm currently on Day 4 of the 60 Day program and can barely take a normal step length because my calfs are so tired and sore! I look forward to this challenge, review, and better yet.... the results! Stay Tuned...

Be Great!

UPDATE 1: 4/27/12

Little "Proof in the Pudding"

Note: Recover face up to prevent drowning in your own sweat...
My wife too this image after my Pure Cardio session (Day 5).

Week 1: One week is in the books... I had my Day 7 rest/recovery today. Much needed! After work out 2 and 3, when I got up in the morning, I couldn't take a full step. My calf muscles were so sore and tight. It was like I had not used them ever before. The calf muscle soreness finally subsided around workout 5 and 6. I can now walk normal instead of looking like I was tip-toing or sneaking everywhere. No dramatic weight loss or body changes to note yet, but I hope to have something soon!

UPDATE 2: 5/2/12

Front of Fit Test Card
Week 2: Week two is done & I Re-tested the "Fit Test" to start my 3rd week of Insanity. The Fit Test is a way to measure your progression throughout the weeks of "insane" workouts. It's a group of 8 different exercises that you do for one minute straight (One minute recovery in-between). It's basically an objective number thats shows that you are indeed getting better. I purposely didn't look at my initial test to see what I would get not knowing my original mark(s) would give me true look at if I was really getting better or if I just felt like I was. WELL... "The results are in...." All of my numbers increased. I remember when I first started,  I was toast. The fit test kick my a$$ as did the little warmup before the test started. I was still toast at the end because you are going all out... but the numbers speak for themselves. ALL of them improved. I just added the total reps of all exercises... I will post the full fit test later w/ exact numbers where they belong per exercise. But, for simplicity purposes, total score before was 271, today 309.

Again, no dramatic weight loss to note yet. 2-3 lbs keep fluctuating on my scale, but I always assume it's mainly water weight. I do feel like my pants are a tad easier to button, but that might be psychological effects. I plan to take some more before/after images this weekend to track my progress and see if I can tell anything from the ones I have already had taken.

 My calf pain that killed me in the first week to middle of 2 weeks is GONE! In it's place however, is a little knee pain (Just above the patella of my right knee). Thus far, I am treating it with Aleve, and some stretching. I think it's a result of my inflexibly with some of the kicking exercises because that's when I really feel it. So far it's manageable, I think it's a small case of tendonitis and I can handle that. That being said, I can't stress enough that you REALLY have to watch your form and technique. You WILL get tired and your form WILL break down. If you do it wrong, you can and most likely will hurt yourself. Take breaks and allow your muscles to recover and get some oxygen in the blood. After all, there's 45 more days to "Dig Deep"!

Stay tuned.... Be Great!
 Any questions or comments, hit me up here or on the Twitter @Batteman87

Week 3: This program is still kicking my tail... but I love it! 5-6 lbs weight loss now keep fluctuating on my scale. Still think some of it is a water weight. There is NO DOUBT this will make you sweat! I weighed myself before an insanity workout and after to find out I lost two pounds... (yes I weighed 3 times before my work out and three times after to ensure the scale was right). You have to drink plenty of water through the workouts. But... sip, don't guzzle or you might end up sloshing and puking your way to the end. I managed to keep it down but I could tell if I pushed more that was going to be the ned result.

I feel I am getting better, but that feeling diminishes every time you have to pry yourself off the floor in exhaustion. Learning to pace myself and not over exert too early. I still have to take breaks to let my heart slow down and let my arms, legs, and lungs get the oxygen they are screaming for. Week four is on deck...and so is a little back soreness apparently as I finished week three, I started to notice a little more back soreness...However....this might be secondary to a little yard work/weed pulling so I'm not blaming Insanity. Stay Tuned!

Update 4: 5/14/12
Week 4:  Sweating out of glands I didn't know I had, I successfully completed week four today! My knee pain is gone and my lower back soreness has eased. I did notice as my form diminished with fatigue my back would be sore later that day and night. The fix... STOP as soon as your form goes to shat! Give yourself a sight break to recover, slow down, keep your form/technique. This has since eased my lower back pain/soreness. It was mostly from not listening to when my body needed a break and so it started compensating with bad form and poor body mechanics. As I fixed this, the pain eased (A little Aleve helped too.. But don't have to take it now.).

I can make it through more of the workout now, but still have to take a break now and again to allow my body to recover and replenish all the fluids I am steadily losing. I can also see a little change in my body as can my wife as she made remarked this morning. Again, no significant weight loss. Only 4-5 lbs give or take some water weight. The workouts still kick your tail, and yet I keep coming back for more. Week 5 is "Recovery Week". All week has the title "Core Cardio and Balance". If it's like the "Cardio Recovery" day(s), I'm in for a long week... ~32 Days remain and the results keep me wanting more.

Update 5: 5/23/12
Week 5: A much needed Recovery Week is in the books! Week 5 was one DVD titled "Core Cardio and Balance". It's a bit of a slower pace but don't let that fool you.. this week will set fire to your muscles. You indeed get a workout and by the end of the week you can tell you've gotten better but it still lets you know that you're no where close to "in shape". Excited to start Week 6... I hope...

Before I start week 6, I notice that the Fit Test is included in the same day. I decided to do the Fit Test on my "Recovery Day"/Day off. My rational behind this is.. well during the Fit Test, you go ALL OUT! Doing this exhaust you and your muscles. I strongly recommend doing this for anyone at this stage. For me, at the end of last test exercise, I was curled up in the fetal position almost dry heaving from physical exhaustion. There was no way I could then SAFELY do the next workout keeping good form. And with this program, I can't emphasize the importance of keeping good form.

PREVIEW Week 6: "Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water"  HOLY $#!T!  Just started week 6 workout one for the "second" portion of the Insanity program. If this program doesn't get you in shape... nothing will. Hang it up, that's a FACT!  I indeed was excited and a little nervous to start this week. My first surprise this morning was to see the average workout length (35-45 minutes)  jump to 59:30 sum seconds. It's no ho-hum workout. It literally beats you down... lets you get up, only to beat you down again..and again. The pool of sweat you end up residing in could now be considered one of the Great Lakes. 6 More days to go this week... BUT that might be extended. We are currently awaiting the birth of or first child- Millie Grace Batte! She is due any time but if she's a no show... We are "going in"!  Will keep you posted on both accounts none the less! Be Great!    

Update 6: 5/28/12
Week 6:  Hard... YES! Results? ...YES! Starting to see a significant change in my body. Not only are the flexibility and endurance improving but, the body fat is decreasing. My pants / shorts fit loose now. I can can synch my belt an extra hole without issue. My wife even stated my calf muscles are bigger and my belly fat is less. I can tell my arms and chest are more toned as well. Total weight loss is 6-8 lbs depending on when I weigh.

The workout is tough and you indeed have to pace yourself if you want to finish the 50-60 minute programs in the second half. Doing the first half sets you up for the second half of this program. You not only have a foundation to start with, but you learn when you can and can't push yourself. Setting a pace you can handle is the key to not getting burned out or discouraged. I will be posting some tips/pointers later on to help anyone going through the Insanity program or at least thinking about it. Knee and back pain are gone. Only notice a little knee "discomfort" when my legs are tired and I sit/kneel to a low seat or to the ground. Overall, no pain.

My wife and I are headed to the hospital tomorrow to have our first baby. Millie Grace Batte is scheduled to be here at some point tomorrow (5/29/12). Once the "dust settles", I will kick start week 7. Dig Deep, Be Great!

Update 7: 6/10/12
Millie Grace Batte - Our New Daughter
Bye Week :-) I know Insanity is a straight ~60 day program however... life happens. My wife and I just had our first baby (girl) on 5/29/12. Only a few complications near the end of the birth process but everyone is recovering well. That being said, for the past 2 weeks I was unable to get to the program. As you can imagine, we are all on a different schedule now. Don't fret, I crank up "Week 7" tomorrow. I will continue to post results, tips, and before and after photos once I'm done. Once my wife is cleared to start, she too wants to join in on the "Insanity" to get her pre-baby bod back.

I know my body has enjoyed the two weeks off but, I have noticed even with the time off...more weight seems to have come off. Clothes (pants/shorts) fit very looser now. Weight loss per the scale is 8-9 lbs total thus far. My wife also continues to report more definition in my muscles (calfs, chest, abs, and arms). Not having any pain in my knees or back. Everything feels pretty good and I'm excited to crank this up again and to see the end result soon! Thanks for reading, I will continue to keep you all posted!
Newborn Insanity Workout

Week 7 Still working through and digging deep! Still see the results too. The only thing I hate as of late isn't the program but not being able to get a routine down where I get a chance to get the session in. I'm back to work after my paternity leave. After working 9-10 hrs I come home and relieve my wife from her shift. I use to get my session in every morning at 5:30AM... This has changed to, when ever I can get it in and if I have more than 3 hours of sleep to survive the extensive workout! I can't stress the fact that you have to keep good form with the exercises or you will eventually hurt yourself. My knee pain is for the large part still gone unless I have a break down in form or I'm too tired. It then slightly reminds me... "I'm still lingering here". The second round of exercises still kicks your tail and I still require breaks as do the folks going through the workout with you. Weight loss is a solid 10 lbs so far with 2 weeks to go. Excited to post some results pics then and hopefully get my Insanity graduation shirt.

Working on my Insanity Survival Tips post that I will publish soon too. If any of you have questions or feedback, please feel free to hit me up!

Millie Chilling after a little Insanity! 

Week 8/Week 9 A new born has the ability to destroy any thing similar to a schedule haha! Found myself cranking up a workout and having to pause to do my fatherly duties. Workout continues to kick butt and take names. Haven't been able to get to the workout as much as I would like on a regular schedule, but that's life. Knee pain (more discomfort really) comes and goes with form/technique breakdown as I mentioned before. Weight loss ~12lbs. Still have to take the after photos and send it in to get my graduation shirt!!! About to post my Insanity Workout Survival Guide! Thanks for reading. I will continue to keep you all posted. My wife is going to start once she is cleared by her doctor. I will be joining her for my round two! Will be logging her and my result too! Thanks again for checking out my blog. Hope you visit again to see the photo results and the round two / post baby version of the Insanity workout! God Bless!

My "Insanity Workout Survival Guide" has been posted! Check it out here!

Thanks again for reading, will continue to keep you all posted.  If you have any questions or comments, hit me up here or on the Twitter @Batteman87

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I purchased mine form Amazon.

Update 8/7/12
Wanted to let everyone know that Round 2 of Insanity has started for me and Round 1 has started for my wife. Will be posting the pics later this week/weekend as I get a chance. Will also Have my wife guest post to share her thoughts. As you can imagine, after 9+ months of not doing any "real" exercise, this is a huge wake-up call. We finished Day 2 today and just a few hours after sitting, my wife had some difficulty walking because of the muscle fatigue. Can't wait to see the changes for both of us as we continue! I will be making a new Insanity journey post for everyone to follow. I will post the link here once I get it up! Thanks for reading!

Update 8/21/12
Newborns and hormonal women tend to tend to affect and destroy any semblance of a schedule... I hate it's taken me so long to upload the photos but here is round one of Insanity before (yikes! I blame it on recipe testing for the cookbook... yeah that sounds good.) and after (getting there). As you can see for yourself... If you put in the work, and do it at a pace that is right for you, you can get the results!

Thanks again for looking, reading, and commenting! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mille Grace Update

Just had our 33 week doctor visit. Ultrasound measures put her at around 4.9 lbs. Doctor guesstimated her birth weight to be about 7-8 lbs. They said everything looks good.  Can't believe there is only 7 weeks to go! This is the 4D image they captured today during our visit. Makes us smile!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deviled Easter Eggs

My beautiful wife made these for our family Easter dinner. They turned out super colorful and deelish! I am just going to copy and paste her Facebook post of how she did it. I will post a much more formal approach soon.

"Boil the eggs like you would normally do, peel them, and then cut the eggs in half. Next, scoop out the yolk and set aside. Then, put the egg whites into a mixture of water with 1 tsp of vinegar and 3 drops of food coloring (I used the neon food coloring). I used cereal bowls to do this, so I was able to put about four eggs whites in at a time. Let the egg whites soak until you are happy with the color (I let them soak for about 5 to 10 minutes). After you dye the egg whites, let them dry. Last, make the yolks the way you would normally make them. I put my yolk mixture into a Ziploc bag and piped them into the egg whites."

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