Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Verizon iPhone Details

As I'm sure you have heard by now Big Red (Verizon Wireless -VZW) has announced the Apple iPhone will now be available on their network. During the press event only vague details were  given, aside from, VZW will be selling the iPhone.  Below is my attempt to clarify and summarize what is known. 

VZW iPhone Fact Summary
  • AT&T loses Apple iPhone Exclusivity. 
  • 1/11/11 @ 11 AM VZW holds large press event to announce a partnership with Apple thus allowing them to sell the iPhone.
  • The iPhone 4 will be available for PRE-ORDER to current VZW customers 2/3/10. (Over night shipping will be free per VZW's website) Basically, if you are a VZW customer you can have the VZW iPhone about a week ahead of everyone else not currently with VZW.
  • New customers with VZW will be allow to purchase the iPhone 4 on 2/10/11.
  • VZW will be offering the iPhone for the same price as AT&T.
  • $199 16GB $299 32GB WITH 2 YEAR CONTRACT. 
  • ~$599 $649.9916GB ~$699 $749.99 32GB NO CONTRACT.(Updated 1/20/11)
  • The DEATH GRIP antenna issue resolved with apparent redesign of the VZW iPhone.
  • Because the antenna issued is reportedly fixed, no free bumper cases.
  • Black iPhone will be immediately available (Dates above)
  • White iPhone was pulled from the VZW website and will reportedly available to all carriers Spring 2011. 
  • No iPhone pricing plans (data plans) have been officially released.
  • VZW iPhone 4 is CDMA, NOT LTE.
  • VZW iPhone can be used to tether up to 5 other devices via "MiFi".
  • In terms of hardware, Verizon will have almost the exact same device. The major difference is the CDMA chips inside the Verizon iPhone that will allow it to run on Verizon's network. On the outside, the few will notice that the Verizon iPhone 4's ringer/mute switch on the top left side has been moved slightly downward. Apple states it was done to accommodate the CDMA chips on the inside, and consequently CURRENT iPhone 4 cases and bumpers currently on the market WILL NOT FIT CORRECTLY.

I will continue to update as more details are unveiled. 

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