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If you're reading this, you're likely doer. Not afraid to take on a challenge. Most doer's jump right in and do. Only reading directions if something is goes wrong or they have grown frustrated not being able to figure something out. Only then do they read or at least skim over the instructions. Myself included (Insert grunts as Tim the Tool Man Taylor did on the sitcom Home Improvement.). 
I have composed this Quick and Easy HDR Guide (with a ton of Presets) for the Doer's. If you don't have the time or budget to take a 2 day workshop but still want to produce stunning HDR images, this guide is for you!

What's included? 

  1. Easy HDR Guide on the basics on how to do HDR Photography. It's the "meat and potatoes" without the science speak behind it. Plus the important stuff that the "Pros" leave out to give their photos the edge over your would be competing pics.
  2. Photomatix Pro Slider Guide - A quick guide on what each of the little sliders does to your image while in Photomatix. 
  3. My ENTIRE personal collection of Presets. There are 243 Presets that you can choose from for use in Photomatix. These presets quickly adjust the image setting for you and can give you the look you're after without having to tinker with each slider.
  4. Bracketed Images to practice with.
  5. Life Time FREE Updates and Add-ons. I will be continually add updates and add-ons along with more presets as time goes on. You will be provided the opportunity to update or pass on any update without hassle. And NO you will not be inundated with too many updates and spam. NO ADS! I hate that stuff!
  6. Make your money back and make some extra by simply becoming an Affiliate. I give you 50% of the price of the guide. You sell two, you earn your money back. Sell more... you make some money. It's a no hassle win-win! Can it make you rich... if you sell enough, sure!  More than likely though, you  can earn a little extra spending money. Either way, it's free money for helping pass the word along about my Easy HDR Guide and Presets. 

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