Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Family Update 2015!

Getting an opportunity to get back to blogging. As you can see it's been a little while... too long in fact. I'll be posting more consistently as we head into the Fall of 2015. Look forward to sharing what we've done and what we're up to now.

On the Docket

  • My wife and I completed  T25 (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma) - Will be posting our review, tips, survival guide, and pics included. 
  • I started brewing beer over a year ago.. yay! Will be posting a good bit in regards to this venture.
  • Our little girl is three (time is flying!) She's into gymnastics and is our whole world! Will making some post as she has her own YouTube Channel (Millie's World).
  • My wife, Lauren is a school teacher (Elementry Edu. 3rd grade). She has developed The Handout Factory that helps teachers with educational materials ("handouts") to simply their lesson-planning,  teaching, and engage the students with a fun learning environment. She is an avid "Whole Brain" teacher. She contributes to Teachers Pay Teachers consistently and specializes in South Carolina History / Social Studies. Will provide a link to her spot on the web as soon as it's ready. 
  • Photography... I am still active in the photog community but I am not as social since ceasing the business. Will continue to share things on here however. 
  • Food... yeah, we still love food! Will continue to post some of the things we make and devour routinely! 
  • Periscope - Just downloaded this fun app and will be broadcasting some things as we go! Grab it if you haven't already!
  • And much more... consistently! 

Cheers & Thanks for reading!


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