Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nuclear Stress Test

Nuclear stress test... Yeah me! I did survive the full 14 minutes on the treadmill but the lungs were pretty depleted. Ticker kept on ticking so that's a good thing. Still waiting on the "official" results, but I hope no acute news in sorta good news. Will have a follow up with the MD in the next few days/weeks. 

So the elephant in the room should be I'm too young for this right? Well I had some shortness of breath and some fluttering in my chest up to my throat. That accompanied with a bout of light-headed-ness got me thinking I should get it looked at. I plan on being around for my daughter and wife for a long time.  Why post this? Well consider it just a friendly reminder for everyone to keep a check on themselves. If you have something going on, it's better to ease your mind or catch it early. Hope everyone is well. Will continue to post some tid-bits more as the holidays rapidly approach this year!  

Stress Test summary

Sign in
Insurance cards and info given 
Triage weight, height, complaints.
Insert IV and Radioactive particles/isotopes to show an image once they have time to circulate.
Sit for 45 minutes - Twitter, Facebook
Sit in a fancy recliner like chair with Left arm on L shaped imaging machine for 9 minutes to get images of heart at work.
Hit the treadmill room and get base line blood pressure and get hooked up to EKG machine to read what your heart is doing. 
Start walking on the treadmill as the pace and incline increases over the next 14 minutes. The nurse/tech takes BP measures about every 2 minutes. 
Test ends and recover sitting on the table as BP is taking once more. 
Head back to the fancy reclining chair for more images while the heart is still recovering from exertion. This should take 2 minutes but takes me 4 since I had to retest because I coughed. 
Finished... Total ~ 2 and 1/2 hours. 

If anyone has questions about what happens in the test, feel free to ask. 

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